"Cooney's book is filled with hard science and fascinating insights, but most of all it builds a firm foundation from which the vegan movement can chart its course. You might think of it as a headquarters of vital information."

-Kathy Freston, New York Times Bestselling Author of Quantum Wellness and The Lean


"Vegetarians are sprouting up everywhere. But what exactly is driving this important trend? Drawing on research and scientific data, Veganomics offers a fascinating look at the rise of vegetarianism, as well as intriguing insight into the hearts and minds of the compassionate people who choose to leave meat off their plates. You will be captivated and informed, but most importantly, inspired."

-Nathan Runkle, Executive Director, Mercy For Animals


"When it comes to animal protection work, it's not enough just to be right: animals needs us to be both right and effective. Nick Cooney's combed through the scientific literature on what's effective (and what's not) so you don't have to. It's all compiled in this book, and his research is sure to help you improve your advocacy skills. For the sake of animals, read it now!"

-Paul Shapiro, Vice President of Farm Animal Protection, The Humane Society of the United States


"You'll never look at vegetarians the same way again. Veganomics is a must-read for anyone who is serious about making the world a kinder place for animals. It pores through hundreds of studies to mark the course on where we're heading and why."

-Gene Baur, Co-Founder and President, Farm Sanctuary


"Veganomics is among the most important, practical, well-researched and interesting books to grace the animal advocacy arena in a long time. At once poignant and refreshingly amusing, the work traces a vast constellation of data that for the first time thoroughly maps the landscape of modern vegetarianism, yielding precious fodder to inform any thoughtful change agent’s approach to pro-veg advocacy. Cooney’s effortless prose makes digesting so much rich information into a delicious reading experience. If taken as seriously as its subject warrants, Veganomics will go far toward advancing ethical diet choices; Cooney has taken the movement to the next level, from the what to the how, and perhaps just in time."

-Jeff Lydon, Executive Director, VegFund


"Nick Cooney is helping revolutionize vegan advocacy by shining a spotlight on the need for research to measure results. Veganomics provides a comprehensive overview of current, past, and potential vegans and poses important questions about advocacy priorities. It's a must-read for anyone who cares about creating more vegans and helping farmed animals."

-Che Green, Executive Director, Humane Research Council


"Veganomics is one of the most useful and important books on vegetarian advocacy written to date. It abounds with research that, if applied to our advocacy efforts, could impact thousands, if not millions, of animals. And it's written in a fun and easy-to-digest manner. If you’re looking to be a more effective vegetarian advocate, this book is essential."  

-Jon Camp, Director of Outreach, Vegan Outreach


"Who would have guessed that buried in obscure academic journals were literally hundreds of studies on who vegetarians are and why they eat the way they do. Veganomics challenges us to view the spread of vegetarian eating through a scientific lens. Casting aside philosophy and moralizing, Cooney sifts through the data with a steely-eyed pragmatism towards what works and what doesn't in promoting a cruelty-free diet."

-Bruce Friedrich, Co-Author, The Animal Activist's Handbook


"Veganomics is a meticulously-researched book with major implications for anyone who enjoys meat-free meals. Cooney is the Nate Silver of the vegetarian world, crunching the numbers in an entertaining and engaging way to uncover surprising truths about our diets and ourselves."

-Michael Greger, M.D., Founder,


"Want to read an insightful and entertaining book that explains the vegan  movement through science and empirical data? Whether you are an animal advocate yourself, or just want to understand the culture, Cooney provides answers to the questions you didn't know you had. Read it, get informed, and make a difference."

-Jon Bockman, Executive Director,


"With Veganomics, his second book in three years, Nick Cooney firmly establishes himself as a fresh voice with novel perspectives on the “hows” and “whys” of reaching ever-larger numbers with the plant-based message. Cooney is adept at making psychological and social findings accessible to anyone; his findings creating an infinitely easier future for all who devote their time to vegucation. Veganomics is also a fun book, a cross between The Book of Lists and an almanac, with interesting, fun, and memorable factoids on every page that you will search for opportunities to work into conversation at the water cooler or your next party."

-Joseph Connelly, Founder and Publisher, VegNews Magazine


"Veganomics is a must-read for anyone who intends to take research-based vegan advocacy to the next level. You won't agree with everything he writes - and that's exactly what makes it so powerful. Cooney's challenge to our movement is to put aside our biases in order to bring our A-game for farmed animals."

-Michael A. Webermann, Executive Director, Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)


"Everyone has a vegetarian family member, Facebook friend, Twitter follower, classmate, colleague, or neighbor. Veganomics sets out to identify why those individuals are increasingly making such a conscious decision and shows how advocates can leverage the best resources to grow an effective movement."

-Pulin Modi, Senior Campaigner,


"In this book Nick Cooney thoughtfully challenges preconceived notions of the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.  Supremely readable and thought provoking, this book sheds new light on what it is going to take for more Americans to give up turkey for Tofurky and other meat alternatives.  Marketers of vegan foods would pay thousands of dollars for this level of information and not learn as much. A must-read for anyone wanting to know what makes vegans tick."

-Seth Tibbott, Founder and President, The Tofurky Company


"A great book the vegan movement has been waiting for for decades. Veganomics is surely the most complete compendium on vegetarians and vegans, another groundbreaking book from Nick Cooney."

-Sebastian Zösch, CEO, German Vegetarian Association (VEBU)


"If you want to help more animals by spreading veg eating, Veganomics is a must-read. Find out what works – and what doesn’t – to move people to plant-based eating. You’ll discover which people to approach, how to reach them, and what to say to save the most animals. Nick Cooney has given us a powerful resource that can dramatically accelerate the progress of the veg movement."

-Caryn Ginsberg, Author, Animal Impact: Secrets Proven to Achieve Results and Move the World


"Challenging the stereotype that vegetarians and vegans are malnourished oddballs with cultish inclinations and smug attitudes, Nick Cooney’s Veganomics shows them to be hip, optimistic, open-minded, empathetic, upbeat, more than competent in the bedroom, and highly intelligent. Blending demographics and social psychology, Cooney’s sharp analysis will provide a wealth of support for the already converted. More importantly, it will make the prospect of joining this impressive and growing cohort of the population irresistible for anyone who thinks seriously about the powerful connection between food and identity." 

-James McWilliams, Author, Just Food: Where Locavores Get It Wrong and How We Can Truly Eat Responsibly


"Nick Cooney states in his book that, as activists, we should be asking ourselves: 'How can I do the most possible good in the world?' Well the answer as to how we invest our time more effectively begins with reading Veganomics. This book is absolutely essential for anyone who cares about animals and wants to make a difference, it is an enormous contribution to the animal rights movement."

-Sharon Nunez, Co-Founder, Animal Equality


"It's about time we go from guessing to knowing what's best for the animals. This book is an important milestone on this path. Nick Cooney's work has proven to be invaluable for the animal protection movement."

-Mahi Klosterhalfern, CEO and president, Albert Schweitzer Foundation for Our Contemporaries


"Based on scientific data and enriched with vivid reflections, Cooney encourages all animal advocates to maintain ambitious but realistic goals to build a more compassionate world."

-Daniela Romero Waldhorn, General Director, AnimaNaturalis International


"Full of interesting facts and data which vegetarian and animal rights organizations - or anyone who is interested in being a more efficient vegetarian activist - can immediately put to good use. Cooney is at the forefront of a new wave of professionalism in the vegan advocacy movement, collecting hard facts from all kinds of studies to corroborate or contradict and change our current and sometimes much cherished strategies. It is incredibly important work, for the animals deserve more than just our hunches."

-Tobias Leenaert, Director, Ethical Vegetarian Association of Belgium